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INHA – Irish Neonatal Health Alliance – Who We Are & What We Do

Image of INHA information leaflet - Clicking Here downloads the leaflet in PDF format

Click here to download our information leaflet.

Mother’s Day as a Bereaved Mom

If you are a bereaved mom, Mother’s Day, and the lead up to it, may be difficult for you. You might find yourself beginning to think about how you are going cope on Mother’s Day and what you might do on Mother’s Day to remember and include your baby who has died.

As a way of acknowledging and including your baby on Mother’s Day, we have created two beautiful, printable Mother’s Day card for you to choose from (see below). Just print off one of the cards (you will need a home printer) and write in your baby’s name, write a note to your baby in the picture frame provided and colour in the image on the card in your baby’s memory. You can then choose to place the card somewhere in your home, at your baby’s grave, in your baby’s keepsake box for example.

Self-care on Mother’s Day 

The lead up to the Mother’s Day, and the day itself, can be a worry for you but there are small things that you can do to get through it. Think about things that you might do that will help you to feel connected to your baby.


Click on this link to access the Mothers Day Card No.1.

Click on this link to access the Mothers Day Card No.2


Better Together – a family-centered care guide for your premature baby

INHA - WPD 2017 - Next Steps

This guide was created by the INHA to help parents of premature babies be able to take a more active role in the neonatal setting during their baby’s stay in hospital and was launched on the World Prematurity Day 2016.

It is hoped that the Better Together Guide can act as a blueprint for NICUs that are implementing a family-centred approach to care.

Please click here to download a soft copy.

10 Things to Know about 1 in 10

One out of every 10 babies born in the world will be born prematurely. Here in Ireland, there are approximately 4,500 babies born prematurely each year – that is one baby born prematurely every 116 minutes.

Advances in our understanding of how to care for these vulnerable babies means that more and more go on to live normal, healthy and happy lives.

Click here to download our leaflet about the ten things to know to help prepare you and your family if your baby is the 1 in 10.



Image of '10 things to know about the 1 in 10' leaflet - CLICKING HERE downloads the leaflet in PDF format.



INHA Purple Butterfly Symbol – Downloadable Template



A Purple Butterfly on an incubator indicates that the baby is a survivor or a multiple pregnancy where one or more babies have passed away. The symbol silently acknowledges the loss and safeguards the family from innocent but potentially heartbreaking questions.

Click here to download the Purple Butterfly Template

Next Steps …. The Journey Home 

This booklet has been developed by the INHA to help you prepare to take your baby home from hospital.

Once home, you and your family will be the primary carers for your baby. Bringing your child home is an emotional and sometimes stressful time for families, however it is important to remember that your baby is only coming home because the hospital staff believe that they are well enough to leave the hospital and that you are able to care for them.

The booklet does not include information specific to your baby’s management – it is intended to complement the advice you receive from the staff caring for your baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or Special Care Baby Unit.

We have tried to include as much general information as possible about what to expect and to look out for when you take your baby home but if you have any specific concerns about your child you should contact your General Practitioner, Public Health Nurse or Paediatrician.

Click here to download our Next Steps information booklet

Back to Basics 

This booklet has been developed by the INHA to provide parents and caregivers with additional information specific to caring for and bonding with your premature baby.


Click here to download our Back to Basics information booklet

Sensory Processing Disorder Information Booklet 

In 2018 the INHA hosted parent/healthcare professional workshops on Sensory Processing Disorder in Dublin, Waterford, Cork, Limerick and Galway. Did you know that we have a comprehensive Sensory Processing Disorder section on our website? Click here to access further information.

INHA are also privileged to have the services of Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Fiona O’Farrell at our disposal on both the INHA board in addition to our Irish Neonatal Health Alliance Parents Forum on Facebook. You may recognise Fiona from TV3 and where she has regular parenting slots. Fiona has hosted the SPD Workshops on behalf of the INHA and the below booklet was developed to accompany the workshops as well as to provide families and medical professionals with additional information on this important subject.

Click here to download Sensory Processing Disorder Information Booklet