Carseat Safety

Research indicates that premature and low-birth weight babies can be susceptible to breathing problems if they stay in a baby seat for long periods.  It was found that some newborn babies developed breathing problems after one hour in the baby seat and some premature babies stopped breathing for a short period.  Before you are discharged from the NICU:

  • Ask the discharge planning coordinator to assess whether it is safe for your baby to travel in a baby seat.
  • Do not keep the baby in the seat for longer than necessary and keep car travel to a minimum in the first few months.
  • Recline the baby seat as much as possible when in the car (making sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for fitting and using it).
  • Never leave the child unattended in the car seat. Try to have someone else do the driving, so  you can sit next to the baby to keep an eye on him/her.
  • Only use the baby seat in the vehicle and not on an integrated travel system or for activities which include feeding or sleeping.

If in any doubt, consult the medical staff or GP.

CLICK HERE for a document with further information on car seat safety from the RSA.



Happynest logo

Happynest is an Irish brand providing a unique range of premium quality nursery products and babywear specifically designed for either a baby boy or a baby girl. The Cosynest is a wrap-around blanket designed for car seat or buggy. Suitable for 0-6 months, they are reversible from pink to blue so make the ideal gift for the expectant mum.

What makes the Cosynest unique?

The specific design of the Cosynest allows parents to strap their young babies into the car seat without the need for bulky coats or jackets. The Road Safety Authority Ireland and various European entities recommend parents do not put bulky jackets or coats on babies in car seats as they interfere with the safety of the car seat harness. The Cosynest alleviates this problem and ensures babies are safe and warm when travelling, giving parents peace of mind.

Collage of 3 photos showing products by Happynest.