What We Do

The five pillars that underpin the organisation’s work include:-

  • Advocacy
  • Awareness
  • Education
  • Research
  • Support


  • Establish an interdisciplinary network in Ireland to advocate for system change.
  • Partner with global Parent Advocacy Groups, Multi-Disciplinary Healthcare Professionals, Researchers, Educators and Policymakers to foster the exchange of standardised and best practice information across international borders.
  • Mentor and support countries who wish to establish Parent Advocacy Groups.
  • Advocating for improved financial support for families affected by premature birth.


  • Targeted media work on World Prematurity Day, November 17th and Awareness Days for medical conditions affecting pregnancy and infant development i.e. Pre-Eclampsia, IUGR, Gestational Diabetes, Lung Disease, Eye Disease, Intestinal Disease, Brain Disease
  • Present at international Medical Congresses and Conferences
  • Social media campaigns.
  • Establishing constructive dialogue with political decision makers.
  • Engaging with community groups not affected by preterm birth through ancillary campaigns i.e. Knit For NICUs, Incubator Covers Project, Angel Gowns Project etc.
  • Providing information workshops to primary, secondary and third level students.
  • Fostering the dialogue with healthcare professionals.


  • Improving the education and training for healthcare professionals to ensure that the needs of families are met and that best practices are implemented.
  • Providing hard and soft copy material and workshops for families on topics relevant to the care of their infant in the NICU and beyond.
  • Promoting research and providing research support as patient collaborators to improve prevention, treatment and care and long-term health.


  • Provide pre-conceptual, antenatal and post natal information and education.
  • Support and mentor families affected by a premature birth and families with infants in the NICU i.e. Peer-To-Peer Support, Online Facebook Parents Forum – “Irish Neonatal Health Alliance Parents Forum”, Printed Material, dedicated Helpline, Education Workshops etc.
  • Empower families to become primary caregivers to their infants.
  • Facilitate a platform to access developmental follow up care.


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  • Engage with the national and international research community as Patient and Public Involvement collaborators.
  • Prioritise and guide the future direction of neonatal research.
  • Set research agendas, develop research protocols, assist with recruitment and retention.
  • Provide advice of patient participation materials in research studies, provide guidance on methodologies, data collection and analysis, ethics.
  • Facilitate the dissemination of research findings.