Mother’s Day As A Bereaved Mum

Mother’s Day as a Bereaved Mum

If you are a bereaved mum, Mother’s Day, and the lead up to it, may be difficult for you. You might find yourself beginning to think about how you are going cope on Mother’s Day and what you might do on Mother’s Day to remember and include your baby who has died.

As a way of acknowledging and including your baby on Mother’s Day, we have created two beautiful, printable Mother’s Day card for you to choose from. Just print off one of the cards (you will need a home printer) and write in your baby’s name, write a note to your baby in the picture frame provided and colour in the image on the card in your baby’s memory. You can then choose to place the card somewhere in your home, at your baby’s grave, in your baby’s keepsake box for example.


Click here to download our Mother’s Day Card

Click here to download our Mother’s Day Card


Self-care on Mother’s Day 

The lead up to the Mother’s Day, and the day itself, can be a worry for you but there are small things that you can do to get through it. Think about things that you might do that will help you to feel connected to your baby.