Stoma Care


A stoma is a surgically-created opening in the abdomen and the intestine.  The surgeon brings the intestine through the abdominal opening and sews it down to the skin.  The new opening is referred to as a “stoma” or “ostomy”

The stoma should appear pink and moist like the inside of your cheek. This stoma allows stool and gas to pass through and out of the body. You might notice the stoma contract, which is normal. Be gentle with your child’s stoma because it may bleed easily and has no nerves to feel when it’s touched.

The stoma will be swollen after surgery and will change in size over the next two months.

The Irish Stoma Care and Colorectal Nurses Association provides support and education to those who have stoma and their families and carers.

Please refer to their website to learn about the support available in the community at