NICU Staff

Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

A nurse who has advanced training in the medical needs of the infant.



Conducts post discharge hearing screening.



Provides spiritual support to families.


Clinical Engineer

Prepares and maintains the equipment.


Clinical Midwife Manager 3 (CMM3)

A senior manager with overall responsibility for the nursing team.


Clinical Midwife/Nurse Managers 2 and 1 (CMM/CNM2 and 1)

Responsible for the day to day running of the unit.


Clinical Skills Facilitator

A nurse with advanced education who coordinates the continued education of all the nurses on the unit.


Developmental Psychologist

Provides post discharge developmental care and follow up.



Monitors and manages the infant’s nourishment and growth.


Discharge Planning Coordinator

A midwife or nurse with advanced knowledge and whose primary goal is to help families prepare and be confident in taking their infant home from hospital.


Household Staff

Ensure the daily hygiene services are maintained within the unit.


Lactation Consultant

Provides support to mothers who are expressing breast milk or who require additional support when breastfeeding.


Maternity Care Assistants (MCA)

Assist the nursing staff in providing care to babies and families on the unit.


Neonatal Unit Porter

Responsible for portering duties.


Non-Consultant Hospital Doctor

Registrars and senior house officers who has not yet reached the rank of specialist hospital consultant and who provide 24 hour cover within the hospital.


Neonatal liaison clinical nurse/midwife specialist (CNS/CMS)

Helps the family prepare for discharge home.



A doctor who specializes in the care of small babies.


Occupational Therapist

The NICU Occupational Therapist supports the family and the neonatal team in providing developmentally focused and appropriate interventions.



Looks after the medicines prescribed for infants.



Helps preterm and unwell infants learn to correct movement patterns and provides advice on positioning to promote normal movement and muscle development.



Takes x-rays.


Social Worker

Provides support, counselling, entitlement information to families with infants in the NICU.


Speech and Language Therapist

Assesses the infant’s sucking and swallowing in addition to supporting the infant’s oral development.


Student Midwives (SM) and Student Nurses (SN)

Midwives and nurses undertaking their education and training.


Ward Clerk

Responsible for the clerical running of the unit.