INHA Research and Development – INTERNATIONAL

The following are the international research and evelopmental studies that the INHA have been and are currently involved in

 – Every Tiny Thing – NICU Family Journal Review (Ca, USA)

 – iHope Study – Developing a Core Outcome Set for Pre-Eclampsia (Australia)

 – SHIPS Study – Screening to Improve Health in Very Preterm Infants in Europe (Europe). To learn more about this project you can visit the website:

 – Supporting The Peer Supporter (UK)

 – Effectiveness of Tocolysis in the prevention of preterm delivery (Australia)

 – Impre-New – investigating if organizational strategies can impact outcomes for preterm infants (France)

 – Caring Essentials – reviewing and contributing towards an online family education app (USA)

 – COPOP – developing a Core Outcome Set of Interventions For the Prevention of Preterm Birth (Europe)

 – COS-STAR – developing a Core Outcome Set for Reporting Standards (Europe)

 – Preemie World Crystal Ball – harnessing and collating global research in one database (USA)

 – Improving treatment decisions through network meta-analysis (USA)

 – Developing best practice guidelines for obtaining parental consent (France)


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