My Story

My name is Deirdre Kirby.  From county Clare. Baby Liam Kirby was born November 9th 2013 due prom at 32+6 but he was born at 33+1. He weighed 4lb 4. We were transferred on the 7th of November from limerick to the coombe in Dublin. And gave birth 2 days later naturally. In the first day of life Liam suffered a grade 4 ivh with seizure and was intubated and sedated. We spent 29 horrible days in nicu in the coombe. He was 20 days in icu. Before been moved to a open crib and then to scbu. They sent him on day 27 to temple street thinking he needed a shunt however the Neuro surgeon decided against it and we were transferred back to the coombe for one more night where we demanded to be released home as Liam was drinking well. Weighed 5lb and was maintaining body temp and breathing on own. They agreed to release for him to get daily head measurement by a public health nurse at home.

That was December 4th 2013. We had to return to temple street for a physio assessment and to meet the Neuro surgeon on the 21st december. The physio was happy with him and the neurosurgeon Dr.crimmins said he will never have to see Liam again as his bleed appeared to have resolved itself.

We had a mri in crumlin the filling day and Liam had to be sedated which was scary. The results of the mri were good there were only small liaisons on the brain which they hoped would not effect Liam.

We started early intervention in February which consisted of physio. But ever since Liam has met all of his milestones and is now a happy healthy one year old.

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