Bereavement Booklet

The death of your baby is a huge bereavement for you and your family.

Initially, you may feel numb and shocked and find it hard to take on board what has happened.

You may feel that you will never be happy again and experience deep, deep sadness.

You may wonder “why” this has happened to you and want to talk over what has happened, again and again.

You may feel that “you are losing your mind” and have a lot of anxiety and irritability.

You may also experience forgetfulness, a lack of strength to make decisions and feel the need to withdraw from society – for a while at least.

The physical reactions to your baby’s death may include feeling weak and nauseous, having diarrhoea and experiencing a feeling of heaviness in your body.

You may lose your appetite or start to comfort eat.

You may be unable to sleep.

You may long to hold your baby again and feel “empty” arms.

All these reactions are normal.

However, if you feel that you are not coping, talk to your local family doctor.

You can also contact the support organisations listed in this booklet for support and advice.


Preemie Angel Certificate

To acknowledge and remember our tiny fighters that have gained wings we invite you you download our Preemie Angel Certificate – click on below image to download or print:

Preemie Angel Gowns

INHA Angel Gowns project is run by skillful volunteer seamstresses through Wedding Dresses to Angel Gowns campaign. Donated wedding and communion dresses are transformed into the most beautiful of little gowns that are then donated to families and NICU units around Ireland.

Family members can reach out to INHA team directly either by phoning 085 192 0602, private message through Facebook or emailing